How can I use Grammarly to write texts?

Use Grammarly! it’s an excellent AI tool that helps you write texts that look grammatically correct and more formal than they did before. Grammarly is one of the best text-related AI tools. In addition, it is super easy to use Grammarly, suggestions appear directly on your screen. Looks fantastic, doesn’t it? Let me tell you a bit more about Grammarly:

Menu of Grammarly, use Grammarly

How to use Grammarly?

To start using Grammarly you only have to follow some simple steps. First, download Grammarly for your device, when it has been downloaded open it and follow its preparatory stages, it also offers you a leisurely tour when you start using it on any of the available programs it can work in.

After this, you have to start writing. If Grammarly finds any grammatical error, it’ll underline it in a red line, if it’s a vocabulary suggestion, instead of blue, it’ll be red.

Grammarly's quick tour to show you how to use it


If you are convinced, below are the different buttons to install Grammarly on any of the places where you want to download it.






What is Grammarly’s price?

It is completely free to use Grammarly and it doesn’t have any ads that can block content visualization. It contains a premium version. Just download it and start using it with no limits.

Grammarly Premium

If you want to improve even more your texts, you can purchase the Premium version of Grammarly. This paid version apart from containing everything in the free version also has entire sentence rewrites, a big variety of word choices to sound more formal and confident, and tone suggestions like confident, curious, informative, and friendly… lastly it contains auto-citations.

This version of Grammarly costs 12 $/month, 12.71 $/month, 10.47 $/month.

Discounts for being a student on Grammarly

Now, select “Sign Up.” Your university email account in Office 365 needs to get a verification email. Click “Verify email” on the Grammarly verification email after opening your university email account in Office 365. You may then have unrestricted access to Grammarly’s premium features for free.

Grammarly's paid and free plans

Grammarly Business

Using Grammarly in your business might end up costing a lot of money, but the infinity of additional features that it has apart from the free and premium ones, really makes it worth it. It contains many security and team features like: a guide to recommend you writing styles, a log-in authenticator, a variety of roles and permissions. Lastly, the best feature is the analytics dashboard that informs you of the biting with issues detected, the corrected writing, and the percentage of communications improved.

This version of Grammarly costs 14.15 $/month/member, 15 $/month/member, 12.35 $/month/member

For any more info:

Grammarly’s people’s opinions

Do I use Grammarly? This question is made by many people thinking whether if it’ll improve their texts or if it will worsen them. Grammarly is a super useful AI tool that I recommend to everybody who writes texts regularly. Apart from being one of the easiest tools to use, it contains uncountable different features. Are you an university student? If you are, you can use Grammarly’s premium version for free!

In brief, I can assure you that the majority of people that use Grammarly are convinced with it. If you don’t believe just check the Chrome Web Store where it has an average star rate of 4.5/5 stars and on the app store 4.4/5.