Stable Diffusion AI

The Stable Diffusion AI is a tool that makes not finding a specific image impossible. The artificial brain responds to your prompts with 4 amazing and super realistic results. It seems like you photographed it in real life.

Stable Diffusion AI

How to use stable diffusion AI?

When you enter the link you will see a space to write your chosen prompt. When you have chosen a sentence you press the button that says “Generate” and you’ll have to wait about 7 to 10 seconds until the web generates the chosen results. If the results don’t convince you, you can change any word and the web will generate other images.

Whenever you have found an amazing result you can share it with the Hugging Face community or you can screenshot it. the advanced setting like the number of images, the seed… are temporarily unavailable.

Tips for Stable Diffusion

  • Have patience, not every time you enter a prompt the results are gonna be exactly as you were imagining them.
  • You can also search prompts in their search engine. It has a database that contains more than 9 million prompts.

Stable Diffusion AI example

Example generated with the image generator Stable Diffusion AI

Guide to Stable Diffusion prompts

For more exact results don’t mix 3 unrelated themes like “Elephant eating pizza on an arcade”. An elephant can’t be eating pizza and can’t be at an arcade so it is probably not gonna find a good result.

However if you only put two like a “Astronaut meerkat” it will find a good result. I would recommend you to use the structure of ADJECTIVE + NAME + VERB/ACTION

Structure for a good stable diffusion prompt
Example of the structure of the image generator Stable Diffusion AI

Stable Diffusion use example

  • Generate any of your social network profile images
  • Create memes.
  • Search for images that aren’t on any browser.
  • Entertain yourself and have fun.

Is Stable Diffusion free?

The Stable Diffusion AI tool is completely free to use and doesn’t contain ads.


I think that Stable Diffusion’s AI tool can be useful in many aspects and the fact that it gives very realistic results and that there aren’t any limits makes it a very good website that does what it says. It generates images fastly and the results are very similar to the prompts that you write.

If for whatever reason you don’t like it I can suggest DALL-E or either DREAM that are similar.